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Welcome to the 6th edition of the ESH-EBMT Handbook. It is now more than ten years since our original idea to create a Pocket book to accompany the annual training course and we could not have imagined how popular this small contribution to the transplant literature was to become. Fifty thousand copies of the 5th edition were printed and distributed free of charge by our partner, CHUGAI Sanofi-Aventis.

Over the years, the book has undoubtedly got bigger and hopefully better as feedback from our contributors and readers have suggested ways to improve the content. For this edition, all chapters have been completely rewritten and all references updated. To reflect changes in practice we also commissioned some new sections to address for example, JACIE, indications for transplant and post-transplant immunotherapy.

We have also expanded the disease-specific chapters and included the regenerative disorders. In addition we introduced new chapters on statistics, methodology of clinical trials and ethics. All chapters included MCQs to test the newly acquired knowledge. As always we are grateful for comments (good and bad!) from our readers as this is the only way that we can constantly improve the Handbook. This new edition will be first edited on paper and later on will be accessible on-line. As with the previous editions it will be distributed free of charge through orders through the ESH website.

We extend our many thanks to all our contributors who worked so hard to meet our deadlines and to the staff at ESH who had the unenviable task of reminding the authors and section editors of these deadlines, so necessary to ensure that the book would be ready for distribution at the EBMT annual meeting. Very special mention must be made of Diana Samson, responsible for the final editing process, who was so accommodating of late arrivals and so meticulous in her work. Without all these individuals we could not have hoped to be ready on time. We hope you enjoy and make use of the product of their efforts!

Jane Apperley

Enric Carreras

Eliane Gluckman

Tamás Masszi